Treading along the glorious paths,

 Amidst the endless stretch of mountains,

 One becomes a tiny speck of dirt,

 An insignificant part of Universe.

 Yet it reeks of an unspoken philosophy,

 That teaches you the Words of the Wise.

 The cold wind that turns you numb,

 The rains that drench you without warning,

 The enormous size of the snow clad peaks,

 Gives an enthralling sense of thrill,

 That the world’s best Hash can’t-

 A different kind of High.

 The sound that you hear is the voice of God,

 Reminding you of your insignificance,

 Teaching you to stay humble.

 Because without a warning,

 Within a blink of an eye,

 The wind may turn into a storm,

 The calm sea may flash its turbulence.

 Live now,

 Live forever.

 Watch where you go,

 Remember what you leave.

 Coz yesterday’s already gone,

 Today is what you have,

 And Tomorrow is just a hope.